Superhero for a Day: The Magic Magic Eight Ball


What would you do if you found a magic eight ball that had all the answers? Not just answers to “yes or no” questions, but all the answers. Answers to questions like, “What’s going to be on tomorrow’s history quiz?” “How can I get back at the school bully?” and “Where do I aim to beat this ring toss carnival game and win a stuffed gorilla the size of a Great Dane?”

Jared Foreman just found such a magic eight ball, and he’s having the time of his life with it. Unfortunately, he’s also attracting the attention of some very bad people – people who will stop at nothing to get what they want. Even more unfortunately, the clock is ticking on his newfound superpower. Can Jared make things right before time runs out?

Superhero for a Day: The Magic Magic Eight Ball is available now on Amazon.

Superhero for a Day


One thought on “Superhero for a Day: The Magic Magic Eight Ball

  1. This book was amazing. I was in Universal in a hotel, i wanted to take my book with me even though i knew i couldnt. It was sooooo good that i was mind blown when i finished.

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